Sobrera Pharma and Recipharm in collaboration to advance a new treatment for patients with Alcohol Use Disorder

Swedish life science company, Sobrera Pharma, and global contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO), Recipharm, have entered into an agreement for the formulation development and manufacturing of SO-001, a new oral treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD).

A phase II study is already ongoing to test the efficacy and safety of the new therapy, which acts through dopamine, which plays an important role in the reward system. Preclinical and clinical data form the basis for the development of a unique new product to be developed at Recipharm’s Centre of Excellence in Oral Solids, which offers access to first-class expertise and experience in development and manufacturing of drug product.

Bernard Pluta, President, Development Services at Recipharm, commented: “Alcohol addiction is a common but serious health problem all over the world, lacking effective treatments. As such there is strong demand for new and improved therapies to help better manage this condition. We are very proud to be able to work with Sobrera on such an important project and we believe that our excellent capabilities at our Centre of Excellence in Oral Solids, will be very valuable assets throughout the partnership.

Commenting on the partnership, Ann-Charlotte Rosendahl, CEO of Sobrera said: “Increased alcohol intake is strongly related to increased mortality and morbidity and, every year over 3 million people globally die in alcohol related illnesses and accidents. A more efficacious, easy to use product, is much needed to reduce high risk alcohol consumption. This product potentially offers us an opportunity to bring significant value to patients and family and to lessen the socio-economic burden of AUD”.

“The decision to commence the collaboration and start formulation development, marks an important milestone for our company and we’re delighted to be working with Recipharm on this important development work”.

Contact information:
Ann-Charlotte Rosendahl, CEO Sobrera Pharma,, +46 73 2096 405 Bernard Pluta, President Development Services Recipharm,, +33 634 617 537


About Sobrera Pharma
Swedish life science company Sobrera, is developing new treatments for patients with substance use disorders. The company’s initial focus is the product SO-001, currently in phase II development for the treatment of patients with moderate to severe Alcohol Use Disorder. Alcohol addiction is a major global health issue and a major cause of mortality and morbidity. Sobrera’s vision is to offer an effective and easy to use treatment to improve health and quality of life, to reduce the risk of morbidity and premature death in these patients and to

reduce the societal costs related to alcohol abuse.

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About Recipharm
Recipharm is a leading Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) in the pharmaceutical

industry employing almost 9,000 employees. Recipharm offers manufacturing services of pharmaceuticals in various dosage forms, production of clinical trial material and APIs, and pharmaceutical product development. Recipharm manufactures several hundred different products to customers ranging from big pharma to smaller research and development companies. Recipharm’s turnover is approximately SEK 7.5 billion. The company operates development and manufacturing facilities in France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the US and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The Recipharm B-share (RECI B) is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

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