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Sobrera Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company with a phase II product in development for patients with Alcohol Use Disorder.

Our vision is to reduce the risk and damages caused by addiction disease disorders

Alcohol addiction is a common and serious health problem for people all over the world. In Europe, about 30 million people are diagnosed with alcohol use disorder/alcohol abuse, in the US this figure is about 18 million. Increased alcohol intake is strongly related to increased mortality and morbidity and every year over 3 million people die globally in alcohol related illnesses and accidents.

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To improve health and quality of life

Sobrera’s vision is to offer an effective and easy to use treatment for patients with alcohol addiction to reduce alcohol intake long-term. This will improve the quality of life for these patients and reduce the risk of morbidity and premature death as well as the societal costs related to alcohol abuse. The background to Sobrera takes root in the great medical need in addictive diseases and, specifically, the need for more effective treatments for patients with alcohol use disorder. Read more about our research and development


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